Terra Sonic // Safety


A safer drilling method. A safer drilling manufacturer. 

Safety has always been ingrained in the culture at Terra Sonic. Every sonic drill rig we build and every component of training we provide represents our ongoing commitment to the highest safety standards in the industry.  

Safer by design.

  • Sonic drilling is safer than traditional drilling methods. The low-impact nature of sonic drilling combined with the TSi Pipe Handling Systems help minimize tool handling and heavy lifting, reducing potential bodily strain and injury.  
  • Sonic drilling generates less IDW, reducing the need to handle or transport material. Less IDW also results in a neater work area, helping to reduce slip, trip, and fall hazards. 
  • There are no auger flights in sonic drilling, so machinery exposure is minimized. 
  • Soil samples are contained inside a core barrel and vibrated into a sealed PVC sleeve that reduces exposure to potentially hazardous substances. 
  • All the safety advantages of Sonic Drilling can help lower workers’ compensation claims and actually extend the career and improve the quality of life of the driller and crew.
  • The no-refusal nature of Sonic Drilling reduces the potential for rework, minimizing or eliminating the exposure that can result from obstructions at depth.
  • The Terra Sonic Universal Gantry (TUG) system has no hydraulically or electrically operated controls that could cause serious injury or death if not properly operated.

Safer by experience. 

  • TSi Master Sonic Drillers provide in-depth, hands-on, on-site training, including extensive safety training. 
  • Terra Sonic ensures that every TSi Sonic Rig operator knows how to safely operate and maintain the sonic rig.
  • When you choose Terra Sonic, you’re choosing a complete sonic system, with every rig, head, and tooling component designed to work together to maximize safety and minimize downtime.