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Sonic Driller Training & Certification

Master Sonic Driller managing TUG pipe handling system

The Terra Sonic Team has over 400 combined years of experience in the manufacturing and performance of sonic drilling technology. Our world class training services are based in Marietta, Ohio and provide a hands-on experience for everyone from the beginner sonic driller to seasoned veterans. Several weeks of field training with one of our Master Sonic Drillers provide a comprehensive introduction to sonic drilling. Terra Sonic University offers Sonic Driller Training 101, a five-day course that combines classroom and in-field training. TSi Master Sonic Driller Trainers each have over 20 years of sonic drilling experience.

When you purchase a rig from Terra Sonic we become an extension of your business, a true partner in your future success.  It is not enough just to teach our customers how to operate the equipment we build, but to train them on how to drill sonically and be able to harness that power in a variety of formations and applications.  It is imperative that a sonic driller can safely and effectively operate and maintain equipment and execute the projects efficiently in the field.  Our Master Sonic Drillers become connected with the drillers they train and are always available to consult with the field personnel on any technical challenges they face.

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Master Sonic Driller, 25 Years Experience
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