Terra Sonic // Master Sonic Drillers

Master Sonic Drillers

The world’s best Sonic team. The world’s best Sonic rigs. 

Each TSi Master Sonic Driller has more than 20 years of experience drilling in virtually every type of formation all over the world. They have a complete mastery of every facet of sonic drilling. This unsurpassed expertise is reflected in every TSi Sonic Drill Rig and all levels of Terra Sonic training and support. 

  • Training: TSi Master Sonic Drillers are at the heart of our training programs. Our Master Drillers work with our customers to train their existing staff to be sonic drillers.
  • Pre-job Planning: TSi Master Sonic Drillers will help you evaluate your project and work with you to develop the most effective and efficient approach
  • Ongoing Communication: You’re never alone when you choose Terra Sonic. Our experience and support are available to you through every phase of a Sonic Drilling project 
  • Continuous Innovation: At Terra Sonic, our commitment to constant improvement, advancement and the evolution of the industry will keep you a step ahead