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How Sonic Drilling Works

How TSi Sonic Drilling Works 

TSi Sonic Drill Rigs feature a sonic head with oscillators that generate a range of frequencies. The vibrations generated by the oscillators transmit high-frequency, resonant sonic energy throughout a drill string, which causes the surrounding material to fluidize and creates a frictionless environment. Once fluidization begins to occur, very rapid penetration rates are possible and core barrel or casings can be efficiently advanced into subsurface formations. 

Sonic drilling is a mechanically induced vibration, created by an oscillation that repeats itself across a point of equilibrium. The TSi sonic drill head transmits a wave of force energy vertically oriented and coupled to tubular drill steel, delivering 50,000 pounds of oscillating force at a frequency of 150 hertz. Energy is stored in the elastic properties of the drill pipe allowing wave propagation bringing the pipe into resonance.