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How Sonic Drilling Works

How TSi Sonic Drilling Works 

TSi Sonic Drill Rigs feature a sonic head with oscillators that generate a range of frequencies. The vibrations generated by the oscillators transmit high-frequency, resonant sonic energy throughout a drill string, which causes the surrounding material to fluidize and creates a frictionless environment. Once fluidization begins to occur, very rapid penetration rates are possible and core barrel or casings can be efficiently advanced into subsurface formations. 

How Sonic Drilling Works

A Typical Sonic Drilling Procedure for Site Characterization: 

Step 1: Advancement of the Core Barrel 

Sonic frequency is used to advance the core barrel. This can often be done without the use of drilling fluids.

Step 2: Overriding with Casing 

The casing is advanced over the core barrel through the use of sonic frequency, which protects the integrity of the bored hole. 

Step 3: Retrieval of the Core

The core barrel is retrieved and the contents are vibrated into a plastic bag, often resulting in a near in-situ sample.

Step 4: Core Advancement Repeat 

The advancement, overriding, and retrieval steps are repeated until the desired depth is reached.  

TSi Sonic Drilling is designed to maximize available acceleration by using specially designed TSi Sonic Tooling and threads that propagate the energy wave and allow drilling and sampling to the deepest depths of any sonic system available in the world.