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TSi 150T Truck

Truck-Mounted Sonic Drill Rig

Ultimate Sonic Power. Ultimate Sonic Mobility.

The Terra Sonic 150T Sonic Drill Rig combines the industry-leading power of the exclusive TSi Sonic Head Oscillator with all the advantages of a full-size, truck-mounted configuration. Projects that require long-distance mobilization, frequent travel between jobsites, and drilling in densely populated urban areas are ideal for the versatility, efficiency, and durability the TSi 150T provides. Its mast accommodates 20ft sections of tooling.    This rig is suited for deep sampling as its design allows for stacking of rods in the mast.

Key Applications

TSi 150T Advantages

True Sonic Performance Exclusive TSi 150 Series Sonic Oscillator uses 150 HP to generate up to 50,000 lbs. of resonant sonic energy 

Enhanced Safety TSi 150T work platform is surrounded by safety handrails

Convenient Operation An extra-large, elevated work platform and fold-down walkway enhance crew operating efficiency and safety 

Maximum Drilling Performance Rated drilling depth of up to 1,000′ depending casing design and lithology 

Abundant Power A 250 HP separate deck engine powers all drilling and accessory hydraulic functions 

Drilling Versatility The 36′ 10″ mast can be positioned for drilling angles anywhere between vertical to 45°

Faster Performance Mast has 24′ 5″ feet of head travel to enable tripping in and out of hole with 20-ft sections of rods stacked vertically alongside the mast 

Full Drilling Range Uses drill steel from 3” to 12” in diameter for use in many applications 

Greater Drilling Efficiency Down force of up to 15,000 lbs. and pull back force of up to 22,000 lbs. provide maximum drilling efficiency 

FMC Bean Pump A piston pump plumbed into the drilling system and water tank enables flushing of drill cuttings from borehole 

Photo Gallery

TSi 150T Truck photo

Support Box Truck

The Terra Sonic Support Truck is stabilized and leveled at the jobsite by four hydraulically operated jack legs.

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