The TSi 150CC SONIC Drill Rig offers maximum power on the smallest footprint. Using the same unique SONIC Head designed into the TSi 150T SONIC Rig  the 150CC offers the additional benefit of a compact, easily transportable size. Measuring 230-1/4” L X 85-3/8” H X 87” W, 7.76 psi ground pressure, the TSi 150CC Compact Crawler fits inside a 20 cubic yard sea container and weighs 26,000 lbs. (11,793 kg.)


Our Compact Crawler can angle drill from vertical to 45° and the mast dumps to the ground when at vertical to 45º. The TSi 150CC can be driven via remote control with speed up to 3.35 MPH (5.39 km/hr) and 60% gradeability.



In addition to the applications achievable with the TSi 150T or the TSi 150c the 150CC can accomplish hole access for well completions because the SONIC Head hinges away from the driller and the top jib swings over the hole.


Contact us now to learn how our compact, crawler-based SONIC drilling rigs form the foundation of the services we provide.

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