The Terra Sonic Difference Means Benefits For You

Terra Sonic International is the only SONIC Drilling company that is 100% dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and operation of Sonic Drilling Rigs. What does this mean to you?


You’ll Benefit From Our Experience

TSi drillers have an average of ten years of experience operating SONIC Drill Rigs in various formations in 38 states and on three continents.


You’ll Benefit From Our Safety Record

Terra Sonic International understands the importance of safety in the drilling industry. Our Drilling Services Division has completed the last two years without an OSHA Recordable or Lost Time Incident.


You’ll Benefit From the High Quality of Our Products

The key to our success is also the key to making sure your project runs smoothly and effectively. Our proprietary SONIC Drill Head incorporates a unique oscillator and center column that are directly attached to a string of drill steel that transmits energy in a controlled manner through the drill string to the face of the drill bit.


Sonic Drillers helped design all of our SONIC Drill Rig control panels with safety, ergonomics, cycle time, and productivity in mind. Our uniform control panel together with the SONIC Head horsepower enable our drillers to move from different configurations of SONIC platforms safely and efficiently.


You’ll Benefit From Our New and Versatile Equipment Fleet

Our new SONIC Drilling fleet is less than two years old and includes SONIC Truck Rigs, full-size SONIC Crawlers, and SONIC Compact Crawlers to address space or height constraints. TSi SONIC Rigs are available from five different locations.


You’ll Benefit from Our Efficiency

The TSi Products Division manufactures, sells, and supports SONIC Rigs all over the world. That means we have an existing inventory of spare parts, spare SONIC Heads, and TSi Specialty Tooling for all of our rigs. This aftermarket inventory, coupled with our in-house machine shop, helps minimize downtime and keeps your project on budget and on schedule.


Contact Terra Sonic International today to learn more about how our SONIC drilling products and services can benefit YOU!

Watch TSi Sonic Drill Rigs In Action:

Customer Testimonials

To Any Prospect of Terra Sonic International: Both the products and service from Terra Sonic International have proved to be exactly what we had hoped for before purchasing our first TSi 150CC Sonic Drill Rig, and have made our decision to buy a second Sonic Rig an easy one.   The equipment is extremely well built and reliable. Whenever any issue arose, no matter how small, Terra Sonic was proactive in making improvements to our first Sonic Rig, and incorporated those improvements into the building of our second rig. This proved to us that Terra Sonic practices continuous improvement.   The TSi 150 Series Sonic Heads on our equipment have had nearly continuous utilization, and have impressed us with outstanding drilling performance. We had one issue with a Sonic Head involving a snap ring and bushing on a rotation post. A Terra Sonic service technician was on site 2000 miles from their home office the next day to fix the minor problem with a heavier gauge snap ring to ensure it wouldn’t slip out of place.  

Dale Abernathy Holt Services, Inc.
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