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Terra Sonic International is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sonic drilling rigs, tooling and support equipment, located in Marietta, Ohio USA. Staffed by an experienced team, many with over 20 years of rig design, production, and service experience.
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About Sonic Drilling

Sonic drilling utilizes resonant sonic energy to achieve fast, clean, low-impact drilling in a wide variety of geotechnical, geothermal, environmental and mineral drilling and sampling applications. Sonic rigs can drill and sample many unconsolidated materials without the need for drilling fluids achieving high productivity and superior sample quality. Sandstone, limestone, siltstone, and other coarse, competent deposits can be drilled sonically using water, mud or air.
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Sonic Drilling Services

Contact: Blake Cabit
Phone: 803.522.3793

Contact: David Boggs
Phone: 407.730.9853


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