The TSi 150T truck-mounted Sonic Drill Rig is equipped with a 250 HP (186.42 kW) separate deck engine that powers all drilling and accessory hydraulic functions.

The TSi 150T is unique in part because it features the exclusive TSi 150 Sonic oscillator. This oscillator efficiently utilizes up to 150 HP (111.85 kW) to generate powerful resonant sonic energy in the drill string to a rated drilling depth of up to 1,000 feet (304.8 meters) depending on the lithology and casing design. In addition, the unit has full rotational drilling capability.

The truck-mounted drill rig is supplied with a 32-foot-long mast, having 24.5 feet of head travel to enable tripping in and out of the hole with 20-foot (6m) sections of rods that are stacked vertically alongside the mast. The mast can be positioned to enable drilling angles anywhere between vertical to 45º, incorporates an integrated hose management system within a tubular frame, and utilizes a drive system that operates the feed frame with half the chain length and rollers of conventional drive methods.

The TSi 150T has an extra large work platform and fold-down walkways to enhance crew operating efficiency and safety. Removable stairs provide access to the work platform, and safety handrails surround the perimeter.

Options include:

  • Pipe Handling System
  • Casing Clamp
  • Drill Maintenance Tool Kit



Thanks to its versatility and durability, The TSi 150T truck-mounted drill rig is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Obtaining near in-situ continuous core samples and installing multi-cased monitoring wells during environmental investigations
  • Installing bioremediation curtains, single or double-staged electrodes, and recovery wells during remediation projects
  • Investigating mine tailings or new quarries in mineral or aggregates exploration
  • Performing exploratory sampling of soil/rock profiles during dam and levee investigations and remediation
  • Installing dewatering points for excavation and source removal projects
  • Identifying new water sources for water resource projects
  • Installing injection, monitoring, and recovery wells in landfill investigations and expansions
  • Providing waste stabilization validation sampling during geoconstruction projects
  • Installing micropiles for foundation stabilization

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