The TSi 150C SONIC Drill Rig is a crawler-mounted companion to the TSi 150T SONIC rig with a 278 HP (207.3 kW) diesel engine that powers all driving, drilling and accessory hydraulic functions. The TSi 150C features our exclusive TSi 150 SONIC Oscillator that efficiently utilizes up to 150 (111.85 kW) HP to generate powerful resonant SONIC energy in the drill string to a rated drilling depth of 800 feet (243.9 m) with 6 inch (152.4 mm) casing. In addition, the unit has full rotational drilling capability.


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Our Track-Mounted SONIC Drill Rigs offer the same capabilities as our Truck-Mounted Rigs but the tracks of the TSi 150C make it ideal for hard-to-reach or smaller work sites.


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