Terra Sonic Down Hole Tooling

The TSi Sonic Tooling System drill tooling consists of products developed from a foundation of large and mid-sonic drilling experience. Our SONIC drilling tool designs have evolved and have been perfected through both design modeling and empirical testing by our sonic drilling experts over a 20 year period. Our extensive sonic drilling knowledge has created a durable sonic tooling system that efficiently transfers resonant sonic energy to the bit while optimizing strength and durability.

Terra Sonic drilling tools are made in the USA at our Marietta, Ohio manufacturing facility. We use only the highest quality forgings and a variety of specialized steel tubing – heat treated, machined, and fabricated to create both a durable and efficient product. Terra Sonic’s experienced employees and quality assurance process ensures that materials and fabrication meet our specifications and that our tooling provides high productivity and long life. TSi tooling systems are available for both Terra Sonic rigs and other manufacturers of sonic drills.

These tooling systems provide strong durable construction to meet a variety of needs and the preferences of our customers. Thread designs are available in LH and RH thread.

Terra Sonic International stocks adapters, replacement spindles, casings and rods, and a broad selection of bits and other special tools for a wide variety of sonic drilling rigs and applications.

The TSi Sonic Tooling System

The thread design on TSi Sonic Tooling is the culmination of engineering research to determine optimal tooling performance considering the rigorous demands of sonic drilling. TSi Sonic Tooling thread design is used exclusively on all of TSi rods, casing and core barrels.

The TSi Sonic Tooling System can be used with any sonic drill rig. We will assist you every step of the way to implement the Terra Sonic Tooling System on your rig. We call it a system because you are not simply purchasing drill steel. We make certain the tooling will fit your rig by considering head travel and clamping specifications. Correct implementation of the TSi Tooling System assures maximum drilling performance and sonic tooling life.

Q) What if your sonic drill rig does not have TSi-style threads?
A) Terra Sonic International will design and manufacture a custom head flange adapter for you.

  • One end of the flange adapter will have the head flange bolt pattern for your sonic head (see A in photo at right). The opposite end contains the bolt pattern for the TSi Two-Stage Spindle (3.5” rod/6” casing) (see B in photo at right).
  • Once your drill head is retrofitted with the custom flange adapter and TSi spindle you will be able to drill with any size of TSi Sonic Tooling. All TSi Tooling adapters use 6” casing thread or 3.5” rod thread on one end.

To summarize TSi Tooling System Conversion:

  1. You can use all sizes of TSi Rod, Core Barrel and Casing once your sonic head is retrofitted to use the TSi Two-Stage Spindle.

For more specific information about implementing the TSi Tooling conversion please see Converting to the TSi Sonic Tooling System.

And be sure to contact us for all your SONIC drilling tool needs.