The Terra Sonic International Support Truck begins with a  Peterbilt Model 348 chassis powered by a Paccar PX-8 350/2200 engine utilizing a Fuller RTO 10 speed transmission. The rear axle load is 40,000 lbs.; the chassis includes rear tow hitches.The Support Truck is stabilized and leveled at the job site by four hydraulically operated jack legs. The  20’ Van Body includes the following features to assist the drilling crew:

  • Van Body Inside Dimensions: 103” height x 98.13” width x 242.81” long.
  • 1-1/8” laminated hardwood floor.
  • Full Plymetal 2 panel Rear Door – 94”W x 97.25”H
  • Single Plymetal 40-11/16” x 96-1/4” side door.
  • Bridge Crane – Steel Construction, 500 lb. capacity, one handed operation air powered hoist (26CFM,90PSI).
  • Air supplied by pneumatic line connected to air tank on 150-D.
  • Pipe racks custom designed to hold up to sixty-six of 3.5”x10.5’ rods on one side and thirty-six of 6” x 10’ casing on the other.
  • Eight foot long steel work bench supplied with common hand tools.
  • Power inverter for 120V receptacles at work bench.

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