Terra Sonic International is a SONIC Drilling equipment company staffed by a team of designers, manufacturing, and service personnel who have been in the contract drilling and SONIC Rig Design and manufacturing business for over 20 years. Our mission is to be the preferred provider of equipment and services utilizing resonant Sonic energy for drilling, driving, excavating and other specialized applications. As a trusted SONIC drilling company, we offer a range of equipment to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.

  • Integrity is the standard of consistency between what we say and what we do. It governs every aspect of our work and means that we:
    • Do what we say we are going to do
    • Do the right things
    • Remain honest and forthright
  • Commitment to Our Customers governs the way we do business with each other and with stakeholders, suppliers, and in the communities that we serve around the world. It requires us to:
    • Deliver safe, quality products
    • Hold ourselves and our stakeholders accountable
    • Foster an environment of effective communication
    • Work safely, assure the safety of others and  protect the environment
    • Treat others with respect
  • Passion for Excellence captures the importance we place on continuous improvement in the products that we offer and through the development of our people. It causes us to:
    • Drive innovation
    • Demonstrate effective leadership
    • Embrace change
    • Collaborate with each other

These three core values, combined with our extensive experience, make Terra Sonic International a SONIC drilling company you can rely on. Contact us now to put our expertise and values to work for you.

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