Is SONIC Drilling being specified or proposed on projects for which you are responsible? Do you know why SONIC Drilling would be preferred over other available options like hollow stem auger? The fact is that SONIC Drilling can be ideal for several different applications, primarily due to the following seven key advantages it offers versus other methods:

  1. Speed: SONIC Drilling is 3-5 times and sometimes 10 times faster than conventional drilling methods in most lithologies. The vibration induced in the drill string from the SONIC head fluidizes the formation in a very small boundary layer around the drill string. This fluidization results in a dramatic reduction in friction, thereby allowing for increased penetration rate.
  2. Continuous Core Samples: SONIC Drilling can create nearly continuous in situ core samples. The ease with which the drill string passes through most formations means the core sample remains intact, giving geologists and engineers an excellent and accurate representation of the formation that is being evaluated.
  3. Better Well Construction: The SONIC Drilling process creates a fully cased bore in which the well can be installed without the fear of damage that could be caused by borehole cave-in or collapse. The well (screen, riser pipe, sand pack, seal, etc) is installed inside the casing, which can then be extracted gently using vibration. This vibration will prevent bridging of the sand pack and ensures that the sand pack is spread evenly around the screen. The grout is also installed using gentle vibration to “knit” the grout into the native soil to create a tight seal. With SONIC Drilling there will be no issues with the well’s performance.
  4. Waste Minimization: SONIC Drilling can reduce investigative derived waste (IDW) by as much as 80% when compared to conventional drilling methods. SONIC Drilling does not necessarily require the use of water or mud and the IDW is often limited to the volume of your core samples. This significantly reduces disposal costs. Combining this benefit with the increased drill rates discussed above ensures that overall costs for the project will be reduced.
  5. Safety: Nothing is more important than completing a drilling job safely. SONIC Drilling addresses several key safety concerns including slips, trips, and falls; body strains, and exposure to machinery or chemicals. There are no flights on the augers, so workers have a lower risk of exposure to the machinery during drilling. Soil samples are contained inside the core barrel and vibrated into a sealed PVC sleeve that minimizes exposure potential to hazardous substances. The Terra Sonic International Bridge Crane and Automatic Pipe Handling System provide greater protection against body strains because they reduce heavy lifting. Moreover, less IDW is generated, thus reducing the need to transport or handle material. This also creates a neater work area from slip/trip/fall hazards.
  6. No Refusal: The nature of the SONIC Drilling method means that a SONIC Drill rig can be used in most formations, including cobbles, boulders, hard layers/lenses, and heaving sands without refusal and with a less than 1% deviation from the intended hole profile. SONIC Drilling creates boreholes correctly on the first pass so that time and efforts are saved over the long term.
  7. Flexibility: SONIC Drilling is more flexible than you may realize. Along with the work described above, SONIC Drilling can be used for angle or multi-cased well drilling and can shift to split spoons, Shelby tubes and/or coring.Interested in learning more about SONIC Drilling? Contact us today!