The environmental benefits of geothermal drilling include a minimal carbon footprint and the use of an existing, fully sustainable resource—heat beneath the ground. In the past, cost was a common obstacle to geothermal drilling. Traditional drilling methods were disruptive, impractical, or even impossible.

The Terra Sonic Geothermal Advantage

Terra Sonic International is revolutionizing geothermal drilling with high-frequency, high-powered, true sonic drilling. TSi geothermal sonic drilling is faster, cleaner, safer, and less disruptive than other methods. Difficult-to-reach locations, challenging soil conditions, and the drilling depths required for geothermal drilling are easily resolved by TSi sonic drilling.

Dandelion geothermal drilling setup with TSI 150CC
Geodrilling International
Geothermal Diagram illustration of modern home

Terra Sonic 150CC for Geothermal

Measuring a compact 230 ¼” L X 85 3/8” H X 87” W, the TSi 150CC easily reaches challenging geothermal locations without sacrificing power, performance or safety. The 150CC uses the same unique SONIC Oscillator designed for the legendary 150T. The 150CC can generate powerful resonant sonic energy to a drilling depth of up to 1,000 feet while generating up to 80% less investigation derived waste than percussive drilling.

See the TSi 150CC in Action on This Old House:

Video Thumbnail to This Old House Video