When you work with Terra Sonic International, you benefit from all of the following:

• Speed

– 2-3 times faster than conventional drilling

• Superior Information (continuous core samples)


• Waste Minimization

– 80% less IDW than conventional drilling due to cased hole

– Ability to “dry” drill

• Better Well Construction

– Less development time/better yield

• Safer & Cleaner

– No flights – smooth drill tooling (great for landfill applications)

– Elevated platform

• No Refusal

– Drill through cobbles, boulders, and hard layers or lenses

– Great for heaving sands

• Flexibility and Reduced Risk for Mistakes

– Ability to collect discrete water samples

– Allows down-hole chemical injections for remediation

– Install angle wells or borings

– Install multi-cased wells without leaving casing in the ground

– Can shift to split spoons, Shelby tubes, or coring with the same rig

– Eliminates cross-contamination of aquifers

To learn more about how Terra Sonic International can benefit you, contact us today!