US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

A powerful tool enables the Savannah District Explorations Unit to provide unique capabilities in challenging terrains across the nation. The sonic drill rig – a piece of high-tech machinery which is the only one of its kind within the federal government – has been assisting numerous customers in subsurface and geotechnical investigation projects throughout the nation. Read more about what the US Army Corps of Engineers said about its TSi Sonic Drill Rig in the June 2016 issue of Worldwide Drilling Resource.

Stock Drilling

To the entire Team at Terra Sonic,

I just want to let the team know how spectacular and important your continued service to your customer is. In the pat we have always had great service from Terra Sonic both in-house, at your facility in Marietta, as well as in the field when needed. Terra Sonic has always hit a home run in the service department. I work with all of the major drill rig companies and your service is at the top of the roster.

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We have been considering alternative drills for several years. The sample quality and ability to quickly drill a wide variety of materials ie; permafrost, thawed and water saturated gravels makes sonic drilling well suited to our projects. After considering multiple manufacturers, Terra Sonic was our final choice due to their excellent customer support and knowledgeable staff. We were able to tour their factory and were impressed with the quality of the build and work that went into each rig. We are eager to take delivery of our new rig and are confident it will help strengthen our exploration process and consequently improve our overall success.

Kim Ferguson, Ajax Mining 


We purchased our first TSi 150CCin 2014 and we see growing demand for Sonic Drilling services with our customers. We selectedTerra Sonic because we wanted a ‘real’ Sonic Drill Rig capable of providing the types of services our
customers demand.”

Bruce Cole, GSE 

Holt Services, Inc. 

To Any Prospect of Terra Sonic International:

Both the products and service from Terra Sonic International have proved to be exactly what we had hoped for before purchasing our first TSi 150CC Sonic Drill Rig, and have made our decision to buy a second Sonic Rig an easy one.   The equipment is extremely well built and reliable. Whenever any issue arose, no matter how small, Terra Sonic was proactive in making improvements to our first Sonic Rig, and incorporated those improvements into the building of our second rig. This proved to us that Terra Sonic practices continuous improvement.  

The TSi 150 Series Sonic Heads on our equipment have had nearly continuous utilization, and have impressed us with outstanding drilling performance. We had one issue with a Sonic Head involving a snap ring and bushing on a rotation post. A Terra Sonic service technician was on site 2000 miles from their home office the next day to fix the minor problem with a heavier gauge snap ring to ensure it wouldn’t slip out of place.

Dale Abernathy, Holt Services, Inc.