SDS Acquisition

SDS Acquisition

Sonic Drilling System | TerraSonic Acquires SDS

Mathieu Lacroute, Director, European Operations, Terra Sonic International Europe
Mathieu Lacroute
Director, European Operations
Terra Sonic International Europe

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Terra Sonic International is pleased to announce the acquisition of Sonic Drilling System’s worldwide business of the design, development, service and sale of SONIC drilling products. This includes SONIC drill heads and related components, accessories, tooling, SONIC technologies as well as SONIC consulting and training.

The addition of SDS products and services to Terra Sonic further expands its SONIC expertise throughout Europe. Terra Sonic is the only SONIC drill rig manufacturer in the world that is committed exclusively to SONIC drilling technology — SONIC rigs, SONIC heads, and SONIC tooling.

When you choose Terra Sonic, you’re leveraging a commitment to SONIC innovation that spans more than three decades and represents more than 400 combined years of SONIC drilling experience.

Sonic Drilling System | SONIC Drilling Products, SONIC drilling technology
Sonic Drilling System | SONIC Drilling Products, Consulting & Training
TSi 150CC Compact Crawler Drill Rig sonic drill head and breakout wrenches
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