Sonic Drill Rigs can significantly reduce time and cost for mineral/aggregate exploration projects. While any TSi Sonic Drill Rig can perform well on this type of project, the 150C is best suited for this type of work. Easy to transport and capable of reaching areas that might otherwise be inaccessible, the 150C carries the power of our proprietary 150 Series Oscillator.

The TSi 150C can drill to depths of up to 1,000’ depending on the casing design and lithology. It is also possible to use a 20’ drill string with the 150C to maximize effectiveness. The vibration of the drill string means that a Sonic Drill Rig can create precision boreholes with no refusal, and Sonic Drilling is more powerful than conventional push drilling.

Rather than having to remove a significant amount of material, which can be time-consuming and expensive, Sonic Drilling can create several nearly in-situ core samples over a short period of time. These core samples can help identify with a high degree of accuracy at what depth the desired materials are located. Knowing this can help map out the area and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the project.

Sonic Drilling is ideal for the following applications:

  • Investigations for New Quarries
  • Investigations to Optimize Expansions
  • Investigations to Optimize Yield Recovery
  • Quantification of Reserves
  • Mine Tailing Investigations

Are you wondering if Sonic Drilling would be a suitable match for your mineral/aggregate project?

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