Make sure to call Terra Sonic International when your next project requires Geoconstruction services. TSi SONIC Drill Rigs are on average two years old or less. The newness of our fleet combined with the experience of our drillers (our drillers average ten years of experience in Sonic Drilling) will help ensure that your project will be completed on time and on budget.

TSi offers the following Geoconstruction services:

  • Micro-Pile Installation
  • Earth Anchor Installation
  • Grout Curtain Installation
  • Grout Curtain Confirmation Sampling
  • Soil Stabilization Confirmation Sampling
  • Waste Stabilization Validation Sampling
  • Piezometers/Inclinometers Installation

When you need geoconstruction services completed professionally and accurately, you need Terra Sonic International. Contact us now to put our sonic drilling expertise to work on your next project.