Sonic Drilling is an effective methodology for environmental investigation and remediation projects. While all three TSi Sonic Drill Rigs can work efficiently while engaged in this type of work, the 150CC Compact Crawler and the 150T Truck-Mounted Drill Rig are the best bets. The 150CC is the most flexible, especially because its track-mounting means it can access almost any terrain. The short mast allows the 150CC to work indoors and in confined work areas. The 150T is beneficial because a lowboy is not required, so there is less equipment to move onto the work site.

Sonic Drill Rigs can be used for the following applications:

  • Monitor Well Installation: Using a Sonic Drill Rig for monitor well installation ensures less IDW, which saves both time and money. Sonic drilling also keeps the borehole cased open, and sand packs or grout can be vibrated into place, which seals them securely.
  • Product Recovery Well Installation: Sonic Drilling can create large diameter recovery wells to promote effective product recovery at remediation sites.
  • Dewatering Well Installation: Sonic Drilling can be 3-5 and sometimes 10 times faster than conventional drilling methods, which is beneficial for these types of projects, depending on lithology. Casing can be advanced by flushing sediments as drilling proceeds, thereby rapidly creating a borehole with zero spoils.
  • Multi-Port CMT/West Bay Wells: Sonic Drilling is an efficient and effective way to install injection wells and multi-zone wells. The capability of Sonic Drilling to produce nearly in-situ core samples also makes it ideal for sampling.
  • Installation of Bioremediation Curtains and Single or Double Staged Electrodes: Sonic Drilling can aid in the rapid installation of bioremediation curtains and/or electrodes while creating a minimal amount of IDW.
  • Continuous Soil Sampling, Discrete Water Sampling/Vertical Aquifer Profiling: The speed and efficiency with which Sonic Drilling can create nearly in-situ core samples makes it ideal for all of these applications. Our push-ahead system can also be used as per the graphic below.

LIF, MIP, EC, HPT & CPT Direct Imaging: This application requires a straight, precise borehole. Sonic Drilling can support these applications with more power than is offered by direct push drilling.

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