Site investigation drilling for dams and levees requires drill rigs that can work in sensitive areas. Sonic Drilling is ideal for such scenarios because the vibrations from the sonic drill do not reverberate far beyond the exact point where the work is being done. The 150T offers the advantage of not requiring a transport vehicle or a lowboy. The 150C and the 150CC can reach areas that are typically inaccessible because they are track-mounted and designed with all of the power of a 150T compacted into a smaller size. Regardless of the rig choice, Sonic Drilling for dam-levee site investigations means no refusal at drilling depths of up to 1,000 feet depending on the casing design and lithology.

Sonic Drilling can be used for the following applications:

  • Continuous Sampling and Exploratory Sampling––Sonic Dry Drilling: Sonic Drilling can create nearly in-situ core samples quickly, with little to no water, and with minimal material displacement.
  • Angle Hole Installation for Sampling/Grouting: The 150T and 150C can angle drill from vertical to 45º. The 150CC can drill between vertical and nearly horizontal.
  • Hole Degree of Deviations: Extremely precise boreholes are required for this application, and Sonic Drilling can provide exactly that, with no refusal in most lithologies.
  • Ability to Diamond Core Competent Rock: Terra Sonic has added diamond coring capabilities to all of its Sonic Drill Rigs.
  • Installation of Grout Curtains and Wire Piezometers/Inclinometers: Precision holes are required for these types of installation applications. Sonic Drilling can accomplish this as the vibration in the drill string helps the Sonic Drill Rig pass through most materials with no refusal.

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