Step 1) Order Custom Head Flange Adapter with your sonic head flange bolt pattern:

A. Terra Sonic will need a drawing of your sonic head flange.


B) Terra Sonic will determine the appropriate length of your custom Flange Adapter using information you provide. The TSi two-stage spindle must be able to reach the rod or casing being held by the bottom clamp jaws when your head is in its lowest position. When ordering the conversion you must provide Terra Sonic with the following critical measurements:

Step 2) Order TSi Two Stage Spindle – 3.5” Rod / 6” Casing Thread (p/n 100-08001):

You will also need Bolt Kit p/n 25-02001 – Two-Stage Spindle to Flange Kit includes 16 bolts, 16 wedge-lock washers and two O-rings.

Once your rig is retrofitted with the Flange Adapter and Two-Stage Spindle assembly you are set up to immediately use the TSi 4 x 6 system, needing no other adapters.


For more information about the TSi 4×6 System, please view, download or print our TSi Down Hole Tooling 4×6 Drill String Diagram [PDF].


You are now set up to use any size of TSi Sonic tooling, with the addition of TSi adapters.


For more information about TSi Sonic Adapters please follow this link:
TSi Sonic Core Barrel Adapters and Casing Adapters

Step 3) Wrench Clamping Dimensions:


The final component to consider when converting to the TSi Sonic Tooling System is wrench clamping dimensions. When TSi tooling is threaded together the welds are 13” apart. For optimal tooling life it is important that the jaw inserts do not clamp onto the welds or outside of the 13” section where the press-fit ends are inside the tubing bodies. It is also important that the jaw inserts do not clamp onto the threaded area that is 3-1/2” long (i.e. center of 13” section to 3-1/2” below center). Clamping on said areas will prematurely weaken the tool joints and possibly oblong the threaded area. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you modify your wrenches, if necessary, to the following:


  • Height from bottom of bottom insert to top of top insert = 11”
  • Height of each jaw insert should be 1-1/2” (2” maximum)


For more information about TSi Clamping Clearance Specifications please view, download or print this linked PDF: TSi Clamping Clearance Specifications