One of the biggest advantages you will experience working with Terra Sonic International is that our support fleet is just as reliable and technologically sound as are our SONIC Drill Rigs.

Our support vehicles, which carry the tooling and other products needed for our SONIC Drill Rigs, feature a rugged, durable design, ensuring performance in the most difficult environments.

TSi offers two types of support vehicles, a Support Truck and a Support Crawler.

Select a link above to learn more or contact us directly for help in selecting the right drilling support equipment for your project.

Customer Testimonials

  • To Any Prospect of Terra Sonic International:   Both the products and service from Terra Sonic International have proved to be exactly what we had hoped for before purchasing our first TSi 150CC Sonic Drill Rig, and have made our decision to buy a second Sonic Rig an easy one.   The equipment is extremely well built and reliable. Whenever any issue arose, no matter how small, Terra Sonic was proactive in making improvements to our first Sonic Rig, and incorporated those improvements into the building of our second rig. This proved to us that Terra Sonic practices continuous improvement.   The TSi 150 Series Sonic Heads on our equipment have had nearly continuous utilization, and have impressed us with outstanding drilling performance. We had one issue with a Sonic Head involving a snap ring and bushing on a rotation post. A Terra Sonic service technician was on site 2000 miles from their home office the next day to fix the minor problem with a heavier gauge snap ring to ensure it wouldn’t slip out of place.  

    Dale Abernathy Holt Services, Inc.