All Terra Sonic Drill Rig models are designed, engineered, manufactured, and utilized by TSi. Having complete control of the manufacturing processes including hydraulic and electrical in-house design/build responsibility enables our team to provide fast, world-class service. We listen to our drilling personnel and customers and act upon their feedback in an ongoing effort to make our SONIC Drilling Rigs as user-friendly and reliable as possible.

Terra Sonic International offers one truck-mounted and two tracked crawler-mounted SONIC Drilling Rigs. Select a link below to learn more, or contact us now for help in selecting the right SONIC rigs to complete your project.

TSi 150T (TRUCK) 

The TSi 150T SONIC Drill Rig is a truck chassis-mounted unit with a 250 HP (186.52 kW) separate deck engine that powers all drilling and accessory hydraulic functions.


Click [here] to learn more about the TSi 150T.


The TSi 150C SONIC Drill Rig is a large crawler-mounted SONIC Drill Rig with a single-seat cab to accommodate the driver. The 278 HP (207.3 kW) diesel engine in the crawler powers all driving, drilling, and accessory hydraulic functions.


Click [here] to learn more about our TSi 150C SONIC drilling rigs.


The TSi 150CC utilizes the same TSi 150 Series SONIC Head as the TSi 150C, giving it the same SONIC Drilling capacity with a smaller footprint. The TSi 150CC measures 230-1/4” L x 85-3/8” H x 87” W, allowing it to fit inside a 20 cubic yard sea container. The TSi 150CC weights only 26,000 lbs (11,793 kg.), thereby lowering shipping costs.


Click [here] to learn more about the TSi 150CC.