Terra Sonic International offers several different rig options that can be selected to customize your SONIC drilling equipment. Among those options are the following:


The TSi designed diamond coring option allows for hydraulic connections to be exchanged from the SONIC Head to the coring motor when the use of a diamond coring drill is needed. The coring motor is mounted directly to the SONIC Drill Head.


The rod and casing delivery system can be mounted on a separate crawler, trailer or truck. Built specifically for the TSi Sonic Drill Rig, this system can handle two sizes of rods or casing. The system is 100% radiographic controlled and all safety standards have been satisfied. This completely eliminates any manual or crew handling of heavy casing and rods and increases on-site safety.


TSi supplies a host of progressive cavity and piston pumps for grouting heat loops, environmental wells or standard borings. Pumps can be deck-mounted or supplied on a skid to be run off the rigs auxiliary ports. Should you need a complete grout plant, contact us and we can design a system to tackle your application.


SONIC drilling equipment does not require the use of mud but a little mud can actually help expedite your project. Small systems in the 100 – 250 gpm range will work best for boreholes in the 3 inch to 6 inch range and depths to 200 feet. A mud system can be deck-mounted or independently run on a trailer or skid.

Contact us now for the drilling support equipment your project needs.