The TSi SONIC OSCILLATOR is a highly engineered component that has been designed to achieve superior performance and reliability. The robust design of the TSi OSCILLATOR combines decades of R&D with years of manufacturing process engineering and the talent of uniquely skilled craftsmen at our factory to produce superior oscillators with predictable maintenance requirements.

To assure reliable and cost effective operation, the TSi OSCILLATOR has been designed to be replaced as a complete unit when rebuild is required. The Terra Sonic International REMEX program provides factory remanufactured TSi OSCILLATORS with OEM reliability and fast shipping, usually next-day or even same day delivery, and all backed by the same new equipment Warranty.

REMEX OSCILLATOR will be provided at the current published price for a replacement TSi OSCILLATOR . At the time of billing the invoice amount will be calculated by deducting the value of the oscillator core returned to the Terra Sonic International factory from the published price of the replacement TSi OSCILLATOR.