Got Sonic?

You already know the benefits of Sonic Drilling. The question is, why should you invest in a Terra Sonic International (TSi) Sonic Drilling rig versus one from another manufacturer? Here are several compelling reasons.

Sonic Drilling is What We Do

Sonic Drills and associated tooling is not one of our product lines. It is our ONLY product line. We are the only company 100% dedicated to Sonic Drilling technology.

Exclusive 150 Series Sonic Oscillator

The TSi SONIC OSCILLATOR is a highly engineered component that has been designed to achieve superior performance and reliability. The robust design of the TSi OSCILLATOR combines decades of R&D with years of manufacturing process engineering and the talent of uniquely skilled craftsmen at our factory to produce superior oscillators.

No Refusal

Terra Sonic Drill Rigs can penetrate virtually any lithology with no refusal. The proprietary 150 Series Oscillator from Terra Sonic efficiently utilizes up to 150 HP and can drill to a depth of up to 1,000 feet depending on the casing design and lithology.

Over 200 Years of Combined Experience

When you invest in a Terra Sonic Drill Rig, you are investing in equipment that has been designed and manufactured by Drillers for Drillers. Our Sonic Drilling experts have extensive in-field experience and know what it takes to get the job done. They have put this knowledge into the overall operating parameters and performance of each drill rig.

Complete Line of Tooling and Accessories

Terra Sonic Tooling Systems consist of products developed with decades of Sonic Drilling experience. Our technology has evolved and has been perfected by our Sonic Drilling experts over thousands of projects in various geologic formations all over the world.

Our tooling systems are available for Terra Sonic rigs and sonic rigs from other manufacturers. The thread design on Terra Sonic Tooling is the culmination of engineering research to determine optimal tooling performance. No other Sonic Tooling is as durable and long-lasting as that produced by Terra Sonic International.

Repairs and Rebuilds

Who better to trust with repairing your Sonic Drill Rig than the Sonic Drilling experts? Terra Sonic is highly responsive and we bring all of our expertise to every repair and rebuild project. Learn more here

World-Class Training

Terra Sonic offers a variety of training courses that cover Sonic Drilling. We offer a basic drilling course as well as a comprehensive Sonic course. What could be better than to get trained by the industry experts? Learn more here