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April 2018

  • Call Before You Dig; Achieving Sustainability

March 2018

  • Yellow Jacket Adds Two TSi Sonic Drill Rigs to Fleet; Industry Update

January 2018

  • The 150C and Drilling in Hard-To-Reach Locales

November 2017

  • Sonic Drilling: Cutting Project Costs

October 2017

  • Sonic Drilling Benefits

September 2017

  • Hurricane Irma; Safety Trends

August 2017

  • Deep Foundations Conference Topics; Finding Skilled Drillers

May 2017

  • How Sonic Drilling Maximizes Effectiveness and Efficiency; TSi 150C Customized for Mining Applications

April 2017

  • What Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Could Mean for Sonic Drillers. Terra Sonic Welcomes New President

March 2017

  • Sonic Drilling and Environmental Investigation Projects, Remtec Summary, APHS in the spotlight.

February 2017

  • Preview of Engineering & Mining Journal article and a teaser of our presentation at RemTec 2017

January 2017

  • Brownfields Projects and Upcoming Trade Shows

December 2016

  • Summary of the Terra Sonic Times for 2016

November 2016

  • The Mining Outlook for 2017

October 2016

  • The Safety Issue

September 2016

  • Mosaic sinkhole near Tampa Bay, Florida increases need for evaluating water for hazardous waste
  • Oil pipeline leak in Alabama threatens endangered species and emphasizes the need for careful monitoring

August 2016

  • The advantages of Sonic for Foundation Drilling
  • A big thank you to GSE

July 2016

  • USACE notes importance of Sonic Drilling
  • How Sonic Drilling can help ease fracking controversies

June 2016

  • Gross Dam slated for major expansion
  • TSi part of Mining Magazine roundtable discussion on whether to rebuild or replace rigs

May 2016

  • Mine Collapses
  • Automatic Pipe Handling System

April 2016

  • Georgia Power will be closing down several coal ash ponds
  • The 150CC

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