CRS-17-C Compact Roto-Sonic Crawler Rig

Versatility means Value. Our fleet standard, the CRS-17-C, is a workhorse. Combining sonic with rotation provides the cutting action needed for the more competent and semi-consolidated formations. Power output can range based on the eccentric weight and overall horsepower to allow for deeper drilling and bigger boreholes. Customers have drilled with 8 inch casing to 100 feet and 3 inch casing to 200 feet. In the right lithology, this rig can drill to 300 feet.


 Download PDF Sheet: Download crs_17_c_small.pdf
Technical Specifications:
Sonic Vibration:  20,000 – 28,000 pounds at 150 hertz
Rotation:  1,475 foot pounds at 205 rpm
Feed System:  12 foot and 8 foot stroke
Pull Back:  13,000 pounds
Power:  John Deere 173 HP diesel
Weight:  17,000 pounds
Width:  84 inches
Length:  99 inches
Ground Pressure:  4.6 PSI