Terra Sonic International provides a comprehensive training program that ensures safe and efficient operation  of our SONIC drilling rigs. Depending upon the type of sonic rig purchased and the needs of the client, Terra Sonic International will design a training program to meet the individual needs of each of its customers.

Comprehensive Sonic Course

For those customers new to Sonic Drilling or moving from a smaller rig to a large sonic product, a more comprehensive training program is required. Terra Sonic International provides a 1-2 week comprehensive sonic driller training program. This course fully prepares new and more experienced drillers to get the most from our SONIC drilling rigs and includes both theory and hands-on experience. Some of the topics covered include:

  • How Sonic Drilling works
  • Practical drilling applications for Sonic Drilling technology
  • Drill Rig and support equipment set-up
  • Safety
  • Sonic Drilling methods and tooling selection
  • Down-hole problems and solutions
  • Basic mechanical, hydraulic and electrical skills
  • Rig maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Extending life of tooling and rig components
  • Sonic oscillator maintenance and proper operation
  • Maximizing rig productivity

Training may be held at our location in Marietta, Ohio, or it can be held at the customer’s facility. Attendees at Terra Sonic International courses are tested at the completion of the course and students successfully completing coursework are certified by Terra Sonic. Technical college credits may also be available for this course.

Contact us now for the training that meets your SONIC drilling needs.